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Miami Classic Tuxedos

Style #320G –  Miami Classic Tuxedos.

In-House Inventory of tuxedos for rentals and sales. Therefore, walk-ins-welcome for last minute tuxedo and formal accessories. Walk-Out with your well fitted tuxedo and arrive at the gala event in a fantastic, elegant formal attire.

In addition, I & A F/W offer SAME DAY TUXEDO RENTAL. Large variety of tuxedo styles to choose from. Therefore, these men’s suits, tuxedos and formal accessories will add to your formal or wedding attire an elegant final touch.

  • Product: Style #320G – Italian suit.
  • Product: Hand Made in the USA Ascot Tie.
  • Product: Waistcoat available in selected styles.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL 305 444-5451 LOCATION: 252 Miracle Mile; Coral Gables, FL 33134


Miami Classic Tuxedos. Classic Wedding Tuxedo Rental Miami. Our in-house inventory included classic black tuxedo  sale and rentals. For last minute wedding and black tie formal, we will dress you in 15 minutes. Italian men slim fit suits and formal waistcoat and European Ascot ties by Carlo Pignatelli. Available for sale. formal attire. Walk-ins are welcome for last minute formal wear needs. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing exceptional last-minute services.

Miami Classic Tuxedos. Large selection of men slim fit suits tuxedos. In-house inventory available for last minute wedding and formal events. Walk-Ins-welcome, we will dress you in minutes. We specialize in formal tuxedos accessories and coordinate style and colors of waistcoat, ties, tuxedo shoes and several styles of formal tuxedo shirts. Full line of Rental and Retail Tuxedos and Accessories under designer labels, whether the customer is seeking refined classics or is looking for a modern edge.

In the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ike Behar are uniquely American classics. When the occasion is black tie and formal, like a wedding, prom, or dinner party, the style and classic elegance of European and American designers are always in fashion. There are many distinctive styles to choose from, so that you can find exactly what you want. Of course, Italian, by Carlo Pignatelli men suit, silk tuxedo shirt, Ceremonia suit, Italian formal waistcoat and Italian formal tuxedo shoes. The next time the occasion is special and the dress code is formal, contact us at I & A Formalwear accessories. Always make a classic and elegant statement about what you’re wearing.